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Memorial created 11-5-2011 by
The Caro Family
Anthony Simon Caro "Champ"
November 11 1993 - July 25 2011

Throughout this memorial you will get a peek into Anthony's short but AMAZING life. We hope you enjoy it...

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Anthony is the oldest of our three children. He has two younger sisters. He graduated from Selma High School June 2011. He planned on attending Reedley Community College and was going to try out for the baseball team. After Reedley College, he wanted  to continue his education at San Diego State University. He always told us that he wanted to go to a college by the beach!!So we all agreed that he would transfer to San Diego when he finished his General Ed at Reedley College.  Sadly, Anthony did not ever get the chance to start college.



I'm here everyone!! - 11/11/1993

 We could not have asked for a better son!!

Anthony got perfect attendance from Kinder through 8th grade!!! He had a grade point average of 3.7 all 4 years of high school. He played Freashman Football, JV Baseball, Varsity Football & Track. Along with being so busy with sports and keeping up his grades, he also did many chores around the house. He knew what he had to do, and he did it.



Daddy's Lil Champ <3

What our family misses the most is Anthony's good night kisses. There was not a night in his 17 years of life that he did not give both of his parents a good night kiss. Then Anthony would go to his 2 younger sisters rooms and tell them "Good night-love you" And if Anthony was spending the night at a friends house, he would text us all "Good night - I love you"



Baby Champ's first Christmas - 1993

Anthony was not embarrassed to give his mom a kiss good bye in front of his friends. I will never forget one Friday night after a football game. Anthony was going to go out with some friends, before he left he gave me a kiss good bye while his friends waited for him. He walked away from me and I heard one of the boys ask Anthony "You still kiss your mamma good bye?"

This is one of my proudest days as Anthony's mamma...... I heard Anthony respond, "Yea I do, and you should still be kissing your mama too!"


Disneyland 2011

You are blessed to know Anthony!!!

You do not meet kids like this very much anymore. Anthony would have made you feel like a million bucks, his smile and his hug that he would greet you with would melt your heart.

Something about Anthony throughout his years of growing up told us that he was special.

Special in a different way...

Now we know, he was an Angel from the start, he was an "Earth Angel". 


Jamie's wedding 2009

One of the many special things about Anthony was he would not go to sleep with out giving us a kiss good night and tell us that he loved us. He would give his mom and dad a kiss good night, then he would go to his sisters rooms and tell them good night and tell them he loved them.  Anthony would never leave our house without telling us that he loved us. He would not hang up the phone without saying that he loved us. He would not just end his text with bye, he would end it with , ok bye I love you. Those were his exact words to me the night God took him. He gave me a kiss on my left cheek and said "Bye mom love you - I promise I'll be home early."

Now that I look back and think about his last words to me.. yes, he is home early. He is now in Gods Kingdom..

He was so full of love...we miss him so much!

Vegas Jan 2011
Say Cheese!
Anthony always loved wearing tank tops
Christmas Program 1998
So Handsome <3
Casper the Friendly Ghost - Anthony's Favorite movie!
Fell asleep reading a bible in class!
Candlelight Vigil at SHS -The Family that Prays together - stays together!
Jr. & Anthony @ Knotts 2011
"Wow!!" Is what Anthony said when he saw Wonder Woman
Awe, feeding Dolphins at Sea World
Riding bikes at Pismo Coast Village
Loves money! 8th grade graduation
Cayucus shark fishing with dad and sis
Jesse, Anthony, Gil and Amber
Family photo May 1994
Always sleeping like an Angel! <3
Anthony caught the biggest fish!
SHS Leadership Conference Summer of 2010
Just Win Baby!
Being silly at Pismo Yogurt!

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Amber, Anthony & Gizmo
This is everyones favorite photo of Anthony
Lovin The Raiderettes
Action photo
Anthony & Roxanna
Always the center of attention and lovin it!
Anthony always smiling
Surprise - Were going to Disneyland for your 8th birthday!!
3 Amigos!
Knotts 2011
Disneyland for Anthony's birthday!!
Loving my sisters forever!
My Nino's birthday!
Auntie Neesh 8th gd grad
Cousin Daniels Prom!
Christmas with grandma Carmen <3
Me and My DADDY!
Magic Mountain 2000
Knotts 2010
Lovin Soccer


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