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Memorial created 11-5-2011 by
The Caro Family
Anthony Simon Caro "Champ"
November 11 1993 - July 25 2011

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01-25-2012 12:43 PM -- By: The Lujan Family ,  From:  

It's been an unbearable six months since the day God took our boys home . We are so blessed to have had Anthony in our lives even it was for such a short time . We will never forget his beautiful smile and his respectful loving nature . You have done such an outstanding job as parents in raising such great children . He will always hold a special place in our hearts .... Their our angels in heaven and continue to watch over us as we continue to grieve . Just as they have each other we are lucky to have you... We love you guys and will always share their memories ! 

Gone but Never Forgotten  ACJL 

01-25-2012 3:22 AM -- By: Mily Lemus,  From: Selma  

6 Months Today & We All Miss You So Much The Champ of Selma! God Just Needed You More Than Us I Guess. ASC Forever.

01-24-2012 5:42 PM -- By: Pat & Josie Romero& Family,  From: Selma  

We think of you all often and cant imagine and dont have words but we are here if you ever needs us.. I look at my frig. and see the new years picture of 2010 that you sent us with Anthony, Allysa and Amber at the beach and i get so choked up., that this is not suppose to happen.. We will never forget him..take care all of you and our love.

01-23-2012 1:32 PM -- By: Tammy Cagle,  From: Boomer N.C.  

I just wanted to stop by and tell the parents of Anthony that you are in my prayers and I am so sorry for your loss.My husband  and I just lost our 15 year old son on March 22 2011 and I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.You all will be in our prayer and Anthony's memorial is beautiful.

01-23-2012 11:58 AM -- By: Alyssa Caro,  From: Selma, CA  

I miss you so much brother.. No words can explain the pain I feel everyday and how much I miss you:(. I love you so much with all my heart and soul<3 you will always be my only brother no matter what I promise<3 no one could ever replace you. Love you bubba<3

01-23-2012 1:32 AM -- By: Christina Lopez ,  From: Fowler  


01-23-2012 1:17 AM -- By: REYNA fAMILY,  From: DELANO, CA  



01-22-2012 11:05 PM -- By: Mia Garcia,  From: Selma  

01-22-2012 7:48 PM -- By: henry torres,  From: clovis  

01-22-2012 6:49 PM -- By: Becca Correia,  From: Selma  

01-22-2012 3:27 PM -- By: Stephanie Gomez and Family ,  From: Selma  

01-22-2012 3:58 AM -- By: Jacquelene Mandujano,  From: Selma  

01-22-2012 12:24 AM -- By: Lil Anthonys Mom,  From:  

I am so sorry for your loss...you have done a wonderful job with your sons page.

01-17-2012 5:29 AM -- By: Linda Brewster,  From:  

Gone too soon...

01-15-2012 8:00 PM -- By: Marisa Morales,  From: Selma  

 It was cool playing t ball with you. The baseball fields will always remind me of you. Say hi to my dad for me he played baseball too. <3

01-14-2012 10:58 PM -- By: Alyssa Lee,  From: Selma  

Anthony Simon Caro, I miss you so much. Ever since I've known this whole family, you've always felt like a brother to me and i'm honestly glad to say that. I love you soo much and everyday i wish you were here so i could see you everytime i was at your house and you would say "ew what are you doing here?" or come into the room with your shirt off saying "oh i just wanted to see who was here" if only I could hear your voice again. You're an amazing person Anthony and i miss and love you like crazy! <3 You are always in my heart and i will always be here for your family cause i love all of you guys<3 I will never understand why you left so young but its something I ahve to deal with. I miss your smile i saw everytime i saw you and i miss how you told everyone you loved them before you ever left the house. Anthony, I miss and love you lots<3

01-14-2012 3:04 PM -- By: Hilda G Puente,  From: Selma, Ca  

 Your are in our prayers we love you guys,

Puente Family

01-13-2012 3:39 PM -- By: Ms. Loving,  From: Selma High School  

You are missed and  NEVER forgotten.

01-13-2012 2:35 PM -- By: Gabbie I Martinez,  From: parlier  

 My thoughts & prayers are always with you.

From Gabbie & Family.

01-13-2012 12:28 PM -- By: Maribel Sesate,  From:  

Anthony is definitely missed by all and especially our family!

01-12-2012 11:07 PM -- By: Alyssa Hull,  From: Selma  

Anthony was such an amazing, humble, kind hearted,& incredibly sweet person. I was very blessed to have had the opportunity to become friends with him. He is deeply missed & definitely will never be forgotten!! To the Caro family id really like to thank you for all the strength you have all shown to those of us throughout the community. It really does help everybody to maintain our own strength. I know it's especially hard on you all but I hope you realize what an amazing young man you raised and how much of a positive affect he had on not only myself but so many others as well. My deepest condolences & thoughts & prayers with the Caro family always. <3

01-12-2012 10:56 PM -- By: Aleeya Soto,  From: Selma Ca  

01-12-2012 10:25 PM -- By: Stephanie Cardenas,  From: Parlier  

May you Rest in Peace Anthony!! We all love and miss you very much!!

01-12-2012 10:21 PM -- By: Tom & Irene Flores,  From: Fresno  

01-12-2012 9:47 PM -- By: Serena Villanueva,  From: Selma  

 Anthony was such an amazing person, with the sweetest and kindest heart. He is missed dearly. R.I.P. caro

01-11-2012 10:18 PM -- By: Christina Lopez,  From: Selma (reside in Fowler)  

I like to stop in and read all the nice words and memories of Anthony..It really means alot to all his loved ones..Anthony the "Champ" will never be forgotten!!!..Keep smiling down on us,Kid!!!.....Tina

01-11-2012 2:37 PM -- By: Nick & Selene Haltom,  From:  

Thank you for sharing all your memories with us

01-10-2012 12:57 PM -- By: Jennifer S. Pena,  From:  

Dear Caro Family, thank you so much for sharing all your beautiful memories..they are precious. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and comfort you everyday. I hold you all near & dear to my heart.....always Jennifer

01-10-2012 2:15 AM -- By: Lizette,  From: selma  

01-09-2012 3:03 AM -- By: Monica Navarro,  From:  

My precious Anthony, My Boy, My King..not a day goes by that I don't think of you without a tear. I always knew you were special. As beautiful as you were on the outside-you were just as beautiful on the inside. That smile of yours is a reflection of how much you were loved. I am very grateful for the time we spent together.  I miss singing to you:(   You were never embarrassed to let me " baby" you in public. Thats what made you sooo SPECIAL.  I remember the girls (alyssa & marissa) used to get mad cuz they had to be quiet when you were sleeping on my couch. Nobody could disturb you under my watch ;).You will ALWAYS be REMEMBERED because you inspired so many!! Til we see each other again Mijo...



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