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Memorial created 11-5-2011 by
The Caro Family
Anthony Simon Caro "Champ"
November 11 1993 - July 25 2011

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01-09-2012 1:17 AM -- By: Alexandra,  From: Selma  

01-09-2012 12:56 AM -- By: Mychel Padilla,  From: Selma  

01-09-2012 12:09 AM -- By: Yvonne & Jr Cardenas,  From: Parlier  

Cant belive ur gone.. Ur always be n r hearts. I remember Tracy Cardenas party when we danced together u were all shy but we danced.. Luv u.. <3

01-08-2012 5:54 PM -- By: Celina Hinojosa,  From: Parlier Ca.  

01-08-2012 2:34 PM -- By: Reynaldo Cardenas,  From: Fresno, CA  

You're dearly missed by all... your memory and goodness is deeply embeded in our hearts... "A true Champion, to all..! "

01-08-2012 5:35 AM -- By: Ray Perez,  From: Parlier  

Always remembered, Never forgotten.

01-08-2012 1:16 AM -- By: Sarah Sandoval,  From: Parlier  

My Dear, Melissa & family I saw you grow up since you were born, then I saw you as a teenager, and then as a Mother,who loved her children and worked hard and then I saw you built your beautiful home for your children, now when I see you , I see a broken heart that will not mend , but with GOD'S help he will carry you and your family, when I go to selma I take the road where you live and I make the sign of the cross and I ask God My father to help out this Family and comfort them,you will always be in my prayers.

My Mother's child and my Brother was called to heaven when he was two years old, my mother and all of us suffered so much it took years & years & years, but we kept the Faith, and his Memory alive, GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR HUSBAND & GIRL'S, and your Family , this is a beautiful tributed for your Son. 

Conmucho Carino  Sarah

01-08-2012 1:09 AM -- By: Grace "Torres" Salas,  From: Fresno, CA  

I love you cusin Anthony. I wish I got the time to talk to you. I fill like I've known you for years. <3 you will always be with me in my heart. I'll see you in heaven one day. :)

01-07-2012 10:36 PM -- By: Melissa Solorio,  From: Parlier/Selma  

Caro Family, My condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I remember Anthony & Alyssa went I worked as an aide at Breletic Elem(Melissa...when u were the nurse there). Anthony was such a cute kid....I hadnt seen him as a teenager and when I heard the news, his little precious (first grade) face and his contagious smile flashed into my head. As a mother myself...my hearts hurts for u but know he's in a better place. Its obvious he touched and was loved by so many people.

01-07-2012 10:00 PM -- By: ROSIE GARZA,  From: PARLIER  


01-07-2012 9:41 PM -- By: Elaine Hinojosa,  From: Parlier, CA  

01-07-2012 9:40 PM -- By: Melinda Morales,  From: Parlier  

In life you were on amazing son and brother and now may you be an angel in heaven to watch over us..You are truly missed

01-07-2012 9:09 PM -- By: brenda carrizales,  From:  

01-07-2012 8:35 PM -- By: Sierra Beltran,  From: Parlier, CA  

01-07-2012 6:51 AM -- By: ,  From:  

John5:28,29 affirms “…the hour is coming when all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life..

01-06-2012 6:35 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Anthony’s death has left so many sad hearts…broken into pieces. What a devastating lost for the family and the community. How does one move on?These boys were amazing and they deserve to have something to remember their names.” Lenny Gee said when speaking of the memorial benches and Melissa (Anthony’s mom) said “This means so much to us!” I agree…we remember them. And what’s more God remembers and promises to resurrect those he remembers…all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life..” In the meanwhile my hope is that God mend all of our sad hearts, broken because of death, for “He is healing the brokenhearted ones, and is binding up their painful spots.” Says Psalms147:3

01-02-2012 7:15 PM -- By: Diane Urias,  From: Selma, CA  

Hi Mijo... Just thought I would stop by... Getting Jordan packed & ready to leave to San Diego... Can't help but think of you.. I know you are with him always.. Keep him safe. Keep his spirit strong.. Keep pushing him to do the BEST he can.. I had to visit you because I miss you so much.. I can hear you now harrassing Jordan.. Laying on his bed.. Well.. I can go on & on... But I promise to stop by & visit again...Love you...

01-02-2012 7:09 PM -- By: Lydia Rodriguez,  From: Clovis  

It always breaks my heart when I see Anthony's pictures posted. I never knew Anthony however I am cousin to Noni..I can only imagine how much pain it has been for you to lose your son at such a young age. My thoughts and prayers are always with your family. By the pictures and and attending the services what a great loss for all of us...If only I had met him. I've heard so many great things about him from my neice Monica Navarro. Your family has such great memories of Anthony....God bless you and I know Anthony is an Angel watching all of his friends and family with a smile. Sincerely Lydia Gonzales Rodriguez

01-02-2012 7:07 PM -- By: Diane Urias,  From: Selma, CA  

01-01-2012 3:03 PM -- By: Zenaida DeLaRosa,  From: Fresno Ca  

Anthony....Continue 2 rest in peace! Know that u r luvd & missd dearly. Continue 2 protect ur luvd 1's as u have bn.From wat i have read about u.U wer an amazing young man! My thoughts & prayers r wit u & ur family.

12-31-2011 10:45 PM -- By: Alexis Aguirre,  From: Sanger  

12-31-2011 10:44 PM -- By: Robert Isaguirre ,  From: Parlier  

12-30-2011 9:13 PM -- By: Carl Williams,  From: Fresno, Ca  

Man i can't belive you are really gone, and you have left us on my Birthday, i got home turn on the tv and it got too the news i was blank and couldn't think of anything too say.. But now i can say one big thing u were the cooles guy i only got too meet twice.. 

12-30-2011 6:31 PM -- By: Christine Mares,  From: selma  

12-30-2011 6:11 PM -- By: Monique,  From: Dinuba  

I wanna say may he rest in paradise my love and prayers go out to the caro family.

12-30-2011 6:08 PM -- By: Kristin Santiago.,  From: Selma  

I miss our talks Anthony <\3 I'll never forget the Funny things you said & the jokes you pulled on me. Youll be in my heart forever & always. I love you Champ <3 Rest in paradise.

12-28-2011 6:39 PM -- By: Julia Holmes,  From: North Pole Alaska  

Anthony Sheppard is my step cousin.  I haven't seen him in years.  My deepest prayers are going to both families.  May God give you peace and forgivness forever in your hearts. God bless <3

12-25-2011 3:51 PM -- By: Shannon,  From:  

My thoughts & prayers are with your family & friends!

Such a great loss!

Take Care

12-25-2011 1:06 PM -- By: Arianna Rodriguez,  From: Selma  

Merry Christmas Anthony <33 I miss you dearly. There's not a day that goes by where I don't think of you. Teen Wolf Season is coming soon!!! Yours mine and Jordans show txting about it during commercials hah! Gosh well I hope you have a wonderful day. I love you!!!(:

12-25-2011 7:22 AM -- By: maria.f,  From: selma  


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