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The Caro Family
Anthony Simon Caro "Champ"
November 11 1993 - July 25 2011

Selma Community Grieves Loss Of 2 Standout Teens

Hundreds of people gathered at a Fresno County intersection Tuesday night to honor two teenagers killed in an accident. The crash near Kingsburg Monday killed two prominent student athletes from Selma.

Anthony Caro and Jesse Lujan were remembered Tuesday night, Selma High School students past and present shared hugs and tears as they gathered to grieve the two lives lost far too soon. Caro had just graduated from Selma High School, where he played football. "He loved football. He was a little small. But he hit hard and he just loved it no matter what," said former teammate Justin Lozano.


The size of the crowd Tuesday evening showed what an impact the two boys had on the Selma High campus and on the community. Another, larger vigil is planned for Wednesday evening at the Selma High School Stadium. "A lot of support. This is a big crowd and it's going to be even bigger tomorrow," said Alissa Lopez of Selma.

"Everyone's still in shock. It's hard to deal with it. We are a good community, so Selma is getting together and we're going to do big things in remembrance of the two boys," said Selma resident Elsa Guiba.


Thousands pack Selma High Stadium

A couple thousand people packed Selma High School's football field Wednesday, July 27, 2011, to honor 17 year olds Anthony Caro & Jesse Lujan Jr.

There weren't a lot of dry eyes at Selma Staley Stadium as hundreds of people packed the bleachers. A lot of them said this candlelight vigil helped them in the healing process as they continue to mourn the loss of two teenagers who were great childhood friends.

Candles helped illuminate the bleachers at Selma High School Wednesday night. Hundreds of people filled the stands while dozens of family members from the Caro and Lujan family consoled one another down on the track.


Anthony Caro's sister Alyssa and his father Al became emotional when talking about Anthony. 

"I know my brother loved me so much. Every night he would yell across my room and tell me good night Alyssa. Or he would come into my room and tell me that he loved me." said Alyssa Caro.

"He was my only son. I miss him so much." said Alfonso Caro.


Pictures from a slide show brought many to tears. Anthony Caro and his friend Jesse Lujan Jr., were prominent athletes for Selma High School. Caro had wrapped up is illustrious football career and graduated this past summer. And Lujan was looking to continue his stellar play on the basketball court as a senior. Lujan's girlfriend and father also became emotional during the vigil.

"I don't get a chance to see my baby on the football field, on the baseball field, on the basketball court." said Jesse Lujan Sr.

"He told me that we had 10 more months. He planned on graduating and he wanted be a PE teacher. Because that's what he liked to do and he liked to play sports." said Serena Ramirez.


The two tragically lost their lives Monday night, July 25, 2011 after Anthony Shephard, 34, struck their car just outside of Kingsburg and fled the scene. No one knows why he left the scene.

None of that matters now as family and friends continue to grieve.

"Now that they're not here. It's just so sad. And they're going to be remembered for who they are. But it's not so much of a goodbye it's a see you later." said Skye Quintana.


Over 2,500 people gathered at Selma High School football Stadium

It was a somber night in Selma as the community gathered to remember two teenagers killed in a car crash.

More than a thousand candles lit Selma High School's football stadium. Balloons flew into the night sky. Tears and hugs comforted family and friends as the Selma community mourned the loss of Anthony Caro and Jesse Lujan Jr.. 

Caro's father gave thanks and said, 

"Everybody that he touched, everybody he made smile, everybody that's here, I know he touched all your hearts. Thank you so much."

Caro's uncle, Jose Cardenas, shared memories. He said, “Anthony had a smile. I knew he wasn't embarrased because that's the kind of guy he was. He was humble, he was kind, he was loving.”


Lujan's girlfriend, Serena Ramirez, talked about his aspirations.

“He told me we only had ten more months. He planned on graduating and wanted to become a PE teacher,” explained Ramirez.

Lujan's dad also addressed the crowd and said, “I know Jesse and Anthony are in a better place. Looking down at us. Thanks to all the people that showed up. That came out to show all their love.”


Selma High School Athletic Director Randy Esraelian thumbed through endless yearbook pages featuring 17–year–old Jesse Lujan, Jr. and 17–year–old Anthony Caro.

"Anthony and Jesse were both pretty big icons at Selma High School," Esraelian said. "Both had a lot to be proud of – words can't describe it all."

"It's sad. The whole community is hurting right now," Selma resident Tommy Rodriguez said. "It's good these kids are getting their shirts to show that they care for these kids because these kids were part of the community."

Rodriguez has known Jesse and Anthony since they were born.

"Selma lost two stars, but they are up in heaven shinning down on us," Rodriguez said. "That's what they do – they shine."



Cody Friend played football with Anthony at Selma High. The two graduated this spring.

"I mean he was going to go to school with me next year at Reedley Community College. It's going to be hard," Friend said.

"He's been one of my best friend's since 7th grade. It's hard to believe that he's gone now."

Friend says Anthony was one of a kind.

"It's hard to describe someone that great," Friend said. "He can always make you smile. He was a good leader on and off the field."



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